Living in Sardinia

Moda Ismeralda, inspired by one of the coasts most poetic in the world.

Where the granitic rocks play with crystal clear water, where the wind sometimes screams but more often whispers becoming caress, where the cutting flavour of myrtle mingles with the fragrance of blooming oleander, where Nature has the power to awaken all the senses. Our creations talk about all this, they talk about lightness and freedom. They talk about Sardinia, a charming and seductive land that tastes like home to us.

It's been long time since we welcome you here during summertime. You can appreciate our creations in our elegant and fine showrooms in Alghero, La Maddalena, Olbia, Portorotondo and Villasimius, where beauty and quality are the real protagonists. Then you can visit us in the typical outdoor markets of Emerald Coast and Gallura, which have been hosting us for years.